Elevator Pitch – For Ngozi

In a world of anthropomorphic playing cards, Ameline of Hearts is sick of playing by the Rules. When a caravan of merchants from the Diamond Dominion passes by the nunnery where she was raised, she is quick to relinquish her home and jump aboard on the promise of adventure. Sold in the Black Market, she will have to fight her way in a Tournament of Cards to earn her freedom.


One thought on “Elevator Pitch – For Ngozi”

  1. Wow! How creative to use a deck of playing cards as characters! I wonder what the Rules are. (I secretly wonder if its like Presidents where the 2 is the highest card/royalty, but the 3 of spades is special/important) I see that there is possible tension between the Suits and the drama that can ensue from that has so many possibilities!

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