Quartet of (true) Wonders

YAY! For not stuck-ness.

I had a fantastic realization while I struggled to find a story that I should write. As I pondered rules about characters and stories and plot lines and other things and other thing and others things – BREATHE DEBBIE! –

I remembered that writing is fun.

That’s all that happened.

Really. That’s all I needed.

I’ve learned so much about writing in the past few years that I had forgotten why I started it in the first place. I got caught up in so many rules that in fear of breaking any I hadn’t moved in a while. It was a freeing moment when it occurred to me that you three were my audience, and I was writing because I love it. Not because it needed to be publishable. Not because of any standard of perfection that I needed to reach.

So I’m going to write. Ngozi, I’ve tagged you in my pitch, and you may critique that as much as you wish. This week I’ll be focusing on my first chapter, or section, or part. But above all, I’m going to have fun. I’m going to explore a world because it’s fun. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy the ride along with me.

Yay. 😀


6 thoughts on “Quartet of (true) Wonders”

  1. It’s funny, I needed a reminder of this today. Not just that writing is fun, but that OTHER people think writing is fun too. I feel like everyone in LA only looks at writing as a ‘for profit’ kind of thing, and don’t get me wrong, so do I, but I forget that it’s best to look at it like the pure joy that it is. I LOVE reading your blogs. You really are a captivating writer, because these past two entries I feel like I know exactly what you’re thinking, I can visualize not just physical elements, but emotions. That’s pretty awesome.

    And I’m so glad you’re unstuck. I’ve been praying for you so I’m SO HAPPY took that breath and are enjoying yourself. Honest and truly, this brings ME so much joy.

    Also, you reminded me how simple an answer from God can come. Being stuck feels so big, a mountain you can’t move. And then God just comes in and blows it away, like a crumpled piece of paper.

  2. I am so happy you’re unstuck! Stuck can be such a discouraging place.

    I think this is something that we all needed to be remind of. The rules and regulations of writing are important, but can sometimes be a handicap to the process. I am so excited to see what you produce as you lay down the rules and let your creativity flourish.

  3. Ok. It’s working for me. I, like Meghan, am super happy that you are unstuck.

    Because seriously, Debbie, you take things too seriously sometimes. Ok. All the time. Whenever you need a reminder that this journey should be fun, just let us know. We’ll make you write a blog post describing our personalities through sports or something.

    And ignore the rules for now. You have three other people here to fix your grammar and continuity issues for you. Just let the story flow and have fun with it. You can agonize over its structure later, cause honestly, we don’t care. We just want a story. Your story.

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