Wonder Woman

The ultimate badass.

She was always my favorite growing up; especially when the Justice League animated series was on television. I loved that she could go toe to toe with Superman, and tell him to back off when he was being a brat. I loved that she had a thing for Batman, and when he brought up how impossible a relationship would be (all dramatic-like) she responded with “who says we have to have a relationship?” (paraphrased of course)

She was the symbol of how being a woman was awesome, and didn’t have to have any of the guys’ approval to do anything.

Which is why I was wondering if she ever did dishes.

I was doing the dishes. And the thought struck me. Everyone has mundane tasks that need to be accomplished at some point. Maybe even superheroes need to do them too.

So while I go through the very scary task of doing NaNo, I’m going to imagine Diana Prince kicking butt. And if she can do the dishes and be a ridiculously awesome superheroine, than I can do both too.



Ps. I still ship Wonder Woman and Batman, no matter what the new series says.


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