Wonder Woman

The ultimate badass.

She was always my favorite growing up; especially when the Justice League animated series was on television. I loved that she could go toe to toe with Superman, and tell him to back off when he was being a brat. I loved that she had a thing for Batman, and when he brought up how impossible a relationship would be (all dramatic-like) she responded with “who says we have to have a relationship?” (paraphrased of course)

She was the symbol of how being a woman was awesome, and didn’t have to have any of the guys’ approval to do anything.

Which is why I was wondering if she ever did dishes.

I was doing the dishes. And the thought struck me. Everyone has mundane tasks that need to be accomplished at some point. Maybe even superheroes need to do them too.

So while I go through the very scary task of doing NaNo, I’m going to imagine Diana Prince kicking butt. And if she can do the dishes and be a ridiculously awesome superheroine, than I can do both too.



Ps. I still ship Wonder Woman and Batman, no matter what the new series says.


I made myself a mug today.

It says “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.”

I felt incredibly silly while doing it; admitting to myself and to any other that might happen to see the mug the immensity which that line moves me. Then afterwards I was giddily proud of the fact that I had accomplished something. Even if it seems silly and girly to me.

On to life things. I am happy that no one managed to comment on my post last week. Whether that be from busyness, (no one’s posted this week, get to it ladies!) or from a ‘buck up! your life isn’t that bad!’ attitude, I’m happy. In retrospect, I’m surprised I was so over dramatic. Sigh. Some days, emotion gets the better of me.

Anyway, I miss you all! I really enjoy our twitter discussions, our comments, and life updates. I have planned out my summer to the day (over ten pages) and am incredibly excited for the possibilities, including writing more. I’ve also acquired a soundtrack playlist – which will prove useful, I’m certain.

My writing has been stagnant, but that will change soon. ALSO! I haven’t gotten any critiques yet, and I’m nervously awaiting them. Please don’t string my nerves much longer.

Regardless, I love you all. And I eagerly await your posts.



On the other side of the mug it says; “I love you. Most ardently.”

I need to learn how to variate my sentences.

I always begin with the subject.

Also, reading the dictionary and memorizing the words is something I wish to do. And reading MLK Jr’s writing. And Ghandi’s. And Virginia Wolfe’s. And Plato’s.

I want to learn another language. Study military tactics and apply that to chess. Read philosophy that I would never agree with. Play logic games. Do trigonometry problems again. Practice science experiments and watch the history channel. Study law and astronomy. I want to read novels in french and portuguese to better my understanding of cultures I do not know.

I want to be better.


Please don’t misunderstand my wistfulness of the acquisition of knowledge as a front for some insecurity, or a fear of being insufficient. I simply realized that I’m graduating.

I’m nowhere near the kind of person that I want to be, and it was foolish of me to believe that college was going to bring me closer to that. It was foolish for me to think that four years learning a profession would sate my hunger for all that is to be known.

I think I’ve finally realized just how much of my life is in my hands – how much I can gain on my own without having to depend on an institution to deliver it to me. I can do things, try things, learn things. I’m not talking about going on a spending spree in Milan. I’m talking about every day taking home a library book that has a  subject that is fascinating.

It’s incredibly encouraging to know that God has his hand on your life. That he offers you truth, hope, love. Acceptance. More. That its ok to feel like I’m not fully cooked yet.

I’m going through a bit where everything seems to be chaos – where I have so many emotions swimming across my eyes that I cannot see. But I think I’ll make it through. With Jesus. With the promise that more lies ahead.

Thanks – for listening, and being there.

Ps. My writing is taking turns I never knew it could with all this going on. I can’t wait to get pg one back from Meg so that I can let this train take its course.

Pss. I realized that I really like editing. Like a lot. Not my own stuff though – I get too caught up in tangles.


So this week has been beyond insane. Embers was last night, I had a presentation on wednesday, I went home this weekend and I was working on financial aid stuff. Let’s not even address the fact that I was editing the three videos for embers and we lost footage TWICE and had to re-sho0t. Or that when I had to work on my presentation I fell asleep by accident. Or even that I was up for an award and was freaking out like a freshman – because I’m graduating and I feel useless.

That’s been my past three days. I have been emotionally and physically exhausted. The only reason I didn’t burst into tears was because I still had things to do. I may do that later today.

However, God’s taught me a few things. In the midst of chaos, He is good. In the midst of failure, fear, loss and panic, he is your anchor. And you can hold on to him. When I am weak He is strong. 🙂

This weekend I finally got a computer for myself (after a year and a half without one) and it has Final Cut (which was just in time for the chaos that hit monday morning.)

On wednesday I happened to wake up just in time for me to finish my presentation (without an alarm.)

We somehow managed to re-shoot everything we needed (after going through two DPs and having our location double booked.)

I looked fantastic in my dress last night (and I was confortable.)

I won the ember (for Best Producer.)

I don’t know how I would have gotten through this week without God (and the bible) telling me that he was there, that he loved me, and that he would take care of me. I kept asking for peace, and I got it. Through friends who were there, through a moment of utter silence, or just Jesus saying ‘chill Debbie.

Thank you – for being gracious and waiting so long for this post. You guys are amazing, and I love doing this with you. I’ll have your submissions critiqued by this weekend. And I’ll comment today. 😀

Quartet of (true) Wonders

YAY! For not stuck-ness.

I had a fantastic realization while I struggled to find a story that I should write. As I pondered rules about characters and stories and plot lines and other things and other thing and others things – BREATHE DEBBIE! –

I remembered that writing is fun.

That’s all that happened.

Really. That’s all I needed.

I’ve learned so much about writing in the past few years that I had forgotten why I started it in the first place. I got caught up in so many rules that in fear of breaking any I hadn’t moved in a while. It was a freeing moment when it occurred to me that you three were my audience, and I was writing because I love it. Not because it needed to be publishable. Not because of any standard of perfection that I needed to reach.

So I’m going to write. Ngozi, I’ve tagged you in my pitch, and you may critique that as much as you wish. This week I’ll be focusing on my first chapter, or section, or part. But above all, I’m going to have fun. I’m going to explore a world because it’s fun. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy the ride along with me.

Yay. 😀


You know, this is not how it starts.

It ‘s supposed to start with a sudden breath of inspiration followed by frenzied writing that takes over you and inhabits your hands until three in the morning when you collapse on your bed surrounded by creation.

Then you wake up the following day, tired but sated, and reality rushes in and reminds you that you actually live in in this world; not the one you created. You know, the one where bills are due.

But I’m stuck. Like really, deer in headlights stuck.

And I know where it’s from too.

It comes from so many stories that I don’t know where to start. There are so many ideas whispering in my head that I can’t scream over the crashing waves in order to hear myself think.

Even then, only half of them are in my head – the other half are unfinished in a file somewhere. Some have worlds, but no characters. Some have complicated rules, but no world to live in. Every once in a while I’ll find a character profile I wrote in a feverish dream. They’re all good – or at least good to me, but still I find myself… stuck.

I know I should just plow through and blow up the brick wall that’s staring me in the face. My problem however, is what’s on the other side? After the explosion, where am I headed?

Is it the world that’s been near and dear to my heart since I was 14? Or is it somewhere new? And what’s going to happen to me while I go on that journey? Do I want to go that way? Will it affect this reality somehow?

So that’s my goal for this week. To whomever’s critiquing, I need to find a story to write. And not just a synopsis of something old. I need a bit of inspiration wrapped up in a little box and delivered to my door.

The frenzy that follows I don’t have a problem with.

The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all. —- Mark Twain